Direct Primary Care

Healthcare doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive.  3:16 Family Medicine is proud to offer an alternative approach to Primary Care Medicine.  This approach removes the complexities typically associated with healthcare (like insurance, co-pays, deductibles, claims, EOBs, etc.) and puts the focus where it should be – on the patient.  With 3:16 Family Medicine’s Direct Primary Care program, members get unlimited office visits and support via phone and patient portal, all for one low monthly fee.

What You Get

Members get access to same day or next business day office appointments Monday-Friday excluding holidays.  Appointment types include wellness exams, acute and chronic disease management, and multiple procedures (listed below).  Additionally, access to comprehensive primary care medicine via phone and our patient portal. Not all conditions can be handled with these indirect methods and the Patient may be asked to make an in-person appointment.



* – Patient will be responsible for the laboratory fee. 

** – Diagnostic lab test fees (other than once a year screening lab tests which are covered) are available at significant discount to members if paid at the time of service. 

One page forms, such as work excuses are included. Forms of more than one page (for example, but not limited to, disability, FMLA, attorney correspondence) will be charged additional fees.


Anything not specifically listed as a Covered Service shall be a non-covered service. 

  • Any health care services not performed on or within the premises of 3:16 Healthcare, including emergency room visits, hospital stays, specialist care, imaging and labs, etc. 

  • Durable medical equipment (braces, splints, etc.). 

  • Any care delivered by providers not affiliated with the Practice​

How Much Does it Cost?

Membership in our Direct Primary Care program is designed to be very affordable.

Membership Pricing:

One time registration fee- $100/ household

Children (0-18years)- $50/ month

Adults(18+)- $75/month

Family (2 adults and 2 children)- $200/ month

Add members to Family Package- $10/ child/ month

Service Pricing:

Flu shot- $20/ High dose- $60
Tdap- $45
Hepatitis B-$60
Hepatitis A- $40
HIB- $20
DTap- $30
Prevnar- $25
Joint Injection-$25
Rocephin- $15
PPD- $20

Frequently Asked Questions

The membership fee allows us to provide the majority of the person’s primary care in a new way for a simple, fixed price.  It allows patients to budget without worrying about extra cost, co-pays or deductibles.  

No, we will also be accepting all commercial and Medicare insurances.

We do not require members to sign any contracts that commit them to a certain length of membership. Memberships are ongoing, and must be paid the first of every month in order to continue to see us for services. A minimum of the first month membership and a registration fee are paid up front and are nonrefundable.

Yes, we do allow for re-enrollment after cancellation, but members will be charged a re-enrollment fee of $100 per member before service can be restarted. 

No, we do not have any income or health guidelines to become a member. Our fees are the same regardless of income, insurance arrangement, level of health or utilization of services. 

All members have access to many basic lab and diagnostic testing (cholesterol, diabetes testing, strep, EKG, urine dipstick, and more) for no charge at all. For non-covered labs, we offer significantly reduced prices. 

All wellness visits are provided at ZERO cost to all members. 

We can order and refer as needed. We do recommend having health insurance in the case of an unexpected, expensive event such as surgery, ER visit or hospitalization.

No, this is not health insurance and should not be a substitute for health insurance.  However, it can be used to supplement a high deductible insurance plan to cover routine medical needs at a reduced rate.

Yes, we do offer these vaccinations at a discounted rate. See our pricing sheet for more details. 

We will not be prescribing narcotic medicine for long term use. We can refer you to pain management for continued monitoring of your chronic pain.

For additional information, please review our full membership packet here, call our office at (770) 537-1234, or e-mail us at