Episode 47 | The Strong House

What does a couple do when they feel strongly led by the Lord to minister to the local youth in their area? They quit their jobs and follow the Lord’s calling. Matt and Suzanne Young tell their story of how they started The Strong House, a ministry to help youth in the West Georgia area […]

Episode 46 | The Couples of 3:16 Healthcare [Part 2]

We continue to learn more about the couples of 3:16 Healthcare and this time we are bringing in some marriage counselors to offer some great advice! This episode also travels down the road of talking about life in general with stories that are well worth the listen.

Episode 45 | The Couples of 3:16 Healthcare [Part 1]

You’ve heard the ladies of 3:16 Healthcare on this podcast. Now, they bring their husbands (who highly objected) on part one of getting to know a few of the couples of 3:16 Healthcare. They will play “The Dating Game” and share how they met. The featured couples are Dr. Allison Key and her husband David, […]

Episode 44 | Dating in the 21st Century Part 2

The continuation of the stories about dating in the 21st Century continues with Gabby, Sarah, Dr. Key, and Erika. In this episode, 3:16 Healthcare nurse practitioner Brittany Sleek joins the conversation and tells her stories about dating in her early 40s and as a single mother. *DISCLAIMER* Some of the stories shared on this episode […]

Episode 43 | Dating in the 21st Century

Dating has changed a lot. Seriously. From online dating to texting instead of talking on the phone to even going on something called “Dutch Dates.” Dating in the 21st century has its challenges. Two young ladies of 3:16 Healthcare, Gabby Liles and Sarah Smith (who are single, by the way), talk with Dr. Key and […]

Episode 42 | Diapers 2 Dates feat. Amanda Tarpley

When raising kids in a totally different world from the one you grew up in can be challenging as parents, especially when they start to date. Amanda Tarpley, along with her husband Shane, started the blog “Diapers 2 Dates” to share their parenting experiences in hopes it will help others who find themselves going through […]

Episode 41 | Massage the Stress Away

Stress can be harmful to the body. It causes muscles to tense up and make you feel uncomfortable and sometimes can hardly move. This is where Ashlie Muir, Massage Therapist at Spa 3:16, comes in to help! Ashlie talks with Dr. Allison Key and Erika Smith about how a massage can relieve stress and make […]

Episode 40 | The Mental Benefits of Staying Healthy in 2021

2020 was a year to forget… seriously! It took a toll on everyone in many different ways, including mentally and physically. Jeff Corbett of MacroMeals talks with Dr. Allison Key and Erika Smith about the benefits of staying physically active and a healthier diet can be beneficial mentally, and how he helped many of his […]

Episode 39 | Ladies Way Fitness feat. Tara Chapman

An opportunity presented itself to Tara Chapman to minister to other ladies not only physically but spiritually and mentally as well. God opened the door for her to take over Ladies Way Fitness in Bremen, Ga. after it was closing down. She tells her story and how you can be a part of the many […]